Find My Phone for Amazon Alexa

To Install, Say - "Alexa, Enable the Find My Phone Skill"

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@cgherb Already using it and this is solving a serious pain point.
I've had a bad experience with TrackR devices. I've recieved several DOA.
@andmpel Hi Adam, we've had reports of people getting bad devices sold 2nd hand from Amazon and other retailers. Our support team is always happy to get the products replaced or send a free battery replacement. You can email me or anytime for help.
@cgherb @thetrackr I bought my TrackR Bravo's directly from TrackR. I've already been refunded. I've taken my business elsewhere. It's a shame because there's a few things about your product the competition doesn't have. Replacement of batteries, being able to be notified when the devices separate, and being damn small. But I need a product I can rely on.
@andmpel @thetrackr When did you purchase? We do new hardware updates monthly and new software updates every 3 weeks.
@cgherb @thetrackr I pre-ordered the Bravo's. So a while ago. I sent back several devices for replacement until it became too inconvenient and just opted for a refund. I'd be willing to try again, but not willing to pay for it. If there have been improvements I'd be glad to give a second chance. Especially with all the initiatives you've recently been starting like that laser tracking system for homes.
@andmpel @thetrackr shoot me a mail. Would love to get the latest in your hands
Awesome write up on Geek Wire!
mmm find my phone is already available with IFTTT/alexa
trying to make it more accessible for everyday people who aren't comfortable with ifttt
This is great! Tried to get the IFTTT integration to work but this is way easier. Do you guys support multiple phones? Would love to be able to have both my phone and the wife's phone registered to the same Echo.
@zolihonig give us about 3 weeks and we'll have that done. Went MVP on this release to get feedback.