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No more endless googling and diving into social media platforms. Use one tool to explore your prospects.
Upload lists of names and companies - and our tool will find all emails and phone numbers connected to them.
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Hey Product Hunters. Vlad here! I am with the Appointment Setting agency Belkins. Even though the majority of our clients approach us to generate leads, we always think one step ahead and understand that we need our own products to support our value proposition. Stay tuned for many new awesome products that are coming out soon. We are excited to help sellers and marketers in B2B to be more effective, to be more successful. Today I am excited to pitch you our new product Data Enrich. It’s a web-based application that allows extracting leads from a list of company names or domains. Whaaat? Yes, modern crawlers allow users to receive a list of 97%+ quality leads with emails, phones, titles and etc by feeding the application a simple list of company names or websites. Say, what? I am not joking around. It takes literally 5 clicks to export a list of high-quality leads in an unlimited amount. All you need to do is to set up a free account (we give 7 days free use and no credit card required), then go to the dashboard, write down a few company names or import the list, then wait 1-2 minutes and export the list with 1,000,000 leads in Excel. Since it’s our first product and there will be many to come, we want to create a good impression of us, so we give away 50% off to the Product Hunt community and all of you good people who want to get on the application today. We have a 24/7 live chat and the whole team is standing by waiting for your feedback. Support our app, test it, use it, and see you on the other side! Respectfully, Vlad.
Awesome idea and realization!
@roman_sevastyanov thanks, Roman! We appreciate your feedback.
Really useful, and nice UI! Left some annotated feedback here in relation to the above the fold section of your landing page, hope its helpful to you guys :)
@tom4 Tom, certainly appreciate the feedback. We will update our landing page accordingly.
@tom4 Thanks for the feedback.
How this product is complying with data privacy regulations, such as the GDPR?
@sardar_azimov It's an excellent question. Hypothetically we could be data processor in the relation to GDPR but we don't store the data after sourcing one, so by using our platform you are the data processor. For data sourcing we don't directly access private data but use open-data sources, so we are not breaching. We didn't look at it yet, as spending $ while you have just started is not smart.
Just tried it. Amazing tool, amazing product, amazing design, extremely user-friendly, extremely useful.
@kourouklides Ioannis, I appreciate the feedback!
@michael_maximoff You are welcome. Some further constructive feedback: Can we please have a payment/pricing plan which is pay-as-you-go? For example, I might know the full name of the person I am looking for and I would like to get his email and rest of data/metadata. Or at least, can we have cheaper pricing plans with restrictions/limitations? Imagine a startup starting up, for example. Many companies offer these tiers (Standard, Plus, Pro, Premium) for other type of products. Thanks!
@michael_maximoff @kourouklides Thanks, Ioannis. This is something that we are planning to do in the nearest future.