Find Better Questions

Answer Quora’s best questions & get traffic

You want to make sure to get optimal results from Quora. But still, you shouldn't waste hours searching for the question with the best stats. That’s where Find Better Questions comes in.
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This is good for answering Quora Questions.


I like Quora Marketing


can't think of any!

All great roads go through PH

Considering their fixed costs are low, would rather have lower monthly fee and user stores credit which is charged upon after gaining traffic to the listed website from the question.


+ Unique approach to Quora marketing + Quora marketing guide (important not to spam the platform)


Didn't quite understand what is their technique. Either describe it briefly or show demo results for selected industries before pricing

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This could have not been more german :D :D Sorry, I had to stop the video midway and just through this out there!!


Looks like an awesome tool!


Too german? :)

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I didn't have a chance to enjoy the app. It simply wouldn't run on my computer and the support didn't really seem to care! Our chat consisted of 5 messages (3 of which were mine), it took roughly 5 hours, and all I got from them was "right click -> open". Seriously? What a joke!
@amusein_me Hey Elen, I’m sorry about being so slow with my replies. I guess I should remove the live chat from the app and website. It’s just me running this tool as a side project, so it sometimes takes me a couple of hours to respond. I hope you understand. Sorry again for setting higher expectations. To address your problem: I still don’t know what went wrong and since you were the first and only one to report that, I tried to debug this a little. If you’re still interested, feel free to contact me at any time, but as from the last message you sent me, I don’t think you are :(