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If this is used to send out a pitch that actually speaks to why I'd want to cover something, great. But I feel the current layout encourages sending something drawn from AngelList, which does the opposite of what this is supposed to accomplish by making things more personalized.
@kylebrussell Totally agree. We don't use the AngelList profile for the pitch, just the ranking. In fact, the first thing we counsel startups is that they need to have NEWS and it needs to be relevant to the reporter. Here's the blog post we wrote about it:
Very nice service. I'm quite impressed that you guys were able to turn around a product so soon after TC released their reporter e-mail contacts. As other commenters mentioned, would love to see this service extended to other major news outlets as well. There is definitely a premium I would pay to see some deeper "analytics" on what trends/topics certain reporters cover.
@ericbahn Thanks Eric. We've been working on this technology for 10 months. Check out @pressfriendly where we track over 40,000 media properties using the same tech.
@joelandren Fantastic, look forward to diving into your service more (sooner than I thought)
@ericbahn hi Eric! how is sabbatical? I'm a very happy customer of Joel's and highly recommend his service. Great to see two amazing founders connect!
@joelandren Why limit to TechCrunch? Presumably you have an algorithym which matches key words from the pitch to key words from past articles? So why not open it up to more tech publications?
@neilswmurray Hi Neil, we'll be featuring other sites in the next few weeks. The PressFriendly service tracks and matches over 40,000 media sites (including The Nordic Web) to help create custom media lists. We just thought we'd share this as a public service.
@joelandren Ok cool, that makes sense, oh and thanks for including us ;-)
This is awful and lazy.
@drew I wouldn't call it awful, it works really well in most cases. As for lazy, we put months of work into the system that powers this to save people some effort.
@pdenya Having worked at companies and as a journalist, I can honestly say that "saving people some effort" rarely works out. people work hard for a reason, because it works.