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Sarat Pediredla
@saratpediredla · hedgehog lab
Don't know what film to watch? Welcome to FAFF, where social networking, advanced algorithms and an intuitive interface combine to bring you the best movie recommendations, fast. Stop searching and start finding. Latest research shows the best way to get recommended films you will enjoy is from people like you. It's the way forward and the more you get i… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I think we all have to come to the conclusion that it will always be a seemingly impossible task to find a movie to watch - there are websites, apps, bots?, flipping a coin, etc etc AND WE STILL NEVER CAN DECIIIIIIIDE?!?!?!?!
connor norvell
@connor_norvell · Web and Graphic Designer
Love the concept. Only problem is the algorithm doesn't work well initially. For example, I rated probably 50 movies, mostly thrillers were "love" (zodiac, fight club, gone girl, kill bill, etc.) and then when i went to recommendations it was listing 100% disney movies. which I am fine with, but have 0 relation to the movies I had just rated. I am sure over … See more
Dylan McKee
@djmckee · Maker of things.
Really cool app, loving the UX. Just needs some kinda 'Netflix filter' so it can recommend me stuff that's on the steaming services I have 😄
Stelios Pardalakis
@stelios · Head of Search, Stellar Search
Are you planning on connecting the app with Netflix or Amazon prime?