Final Cut Pro X

A more powerful take on post-production.


Redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with powerful media organization and incredible performance to let you create at the speed of thought.

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Final Cut Pro X has been hated on by professionals for years after they revamped the UX. Apple took its sweet time and finally added in professional color grading, LUTs, and HEVC support, and tons of other stuff.

If Apple had this kind of love for their other software, it would be nice.


No monthly fees. Blazing fast on low end Macs. With this update, it's now a professional grade workflow.


Mac only

The CCO of

I edit in FCPx every day. I'm constantly learning new things that it can do, but it's organizational tools help me go from loading footage to editing a project in the fastest way possible. Faster than any other editing system. It's a powerful tool that is getting stronger.


Organizational tools


Tough learning curve for Premiere editors


I use Final Cut Pro every day and it's by far the most valuable app on my Mac after Messages and my browser. The fact that I only had to spend $250 to be able to indefinitly professionally edit instead of be billed monthly definilty makes this the smarter choice for me. Also, for beginners, it is quite easy to pick up.


Beautiful Design, Cheap, Easy Plugins, color correction, 360 video editing support, etc...


Lacks a wide suite of tools.

I help create visuals that engage

I have used Final Cut Pro for over 15 years and it has only gotten better.

Since version 10 we have gotten free updates that include new features, fixes, speed and stability improvements and more at no additional cost or monthly fee.

I highly recommend this product


Fast, Stable, Easy to Use and Beautiful


Nothing major

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The smoothest video editor for my Macbook hands-down would recommend to novice and pros alike.