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Fin combines human & machine intelligence to get more done


Fin uses a combination of human and machine intelligence to provide high quality, on-demand assistance so you can focus on what is most important to you.

Fin is waiving the $120 monthly minimum spend for the Product Hunt community -- you can signup here to pay per request.

11 Reviews
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  • Kevin RabinovichDesigner & Developer

    (Haven’t used)


    Privacy policy is very concerning.

    They seem to be failing at only using as much user data as absolutely necessary for their product to function. According to their privacy policy, your data is shared with others, whether you want it or not, and you can’t ask for your data to be deleted. A nice surprise in an email that’s sent to you after signing up (presuming that you, like 99% of all other users, don’t take time to fully read their privacy policy)!

    From their User Data Policy (Privacy Policy?):

    **Does Fin share the Information it collects with other People?**

    Yes. As a general rule, Fin shares the Information it collects and learns from you with other People, including People who do not use Fin. This includes Information Fin collects and learns from your Communications and Conversations (including the things you ask Fin to do), as well as any Information Fin collects and learns from your address book, calendar, and email account (including Contact Information). Fin may also share the fact that you use Fin with other people.

    If Fin shares something it collects from you, Fin will not identify you by name as the source of that Information unless you give Fin permission to do so (either through this Data Policy or otherwise). You give Fin permission to identify you as the source of any Information shared with your starred or trusted connections. You also give Fin permission to identify you as the source of any Information you share publicly using Fin.

    If you want to share Information with Fin, but do not want Fin to share that Information with anyone else, you should place it in the Fin Vault.

    Fin does not sell your personally identifiable information to advertisers. Fin will also not share the transcript of any emails it collects from accessing your email account.

    **Does Fin delete any Information it collects?**

    No. Because Fin is a collective knowledge system, Fin retains all of the Information it collects and learns, including Information it collects and learns from you.

    If you want to share Information with Fin, but want to be able to delete it later, you should place it in the Fin Vault.

    Kevin Rabinovich has never used this product.
  • sheynk ✈digital - nomad - vc - product

    Truly 24/7 help with just about anything you can reasonably ask a native english speaker with a fast internet connection to do


    Sometimes hard things are done well and little details are missed - which you would get really upset at a real assistant for :-)

    I've been using the product very actively for about a year now. I'm a terrible edge case customer: multi-time zone, foreign language addresses, weird scheduling requirements (sun-thur for in person, mon-wed for calls, etc), and other oddities.

    While no service is perfect ... and certainly no remote/virtual assistant is ... whats been awesome is seeing how much Sam and Andrew listen to customers, improve the app, and make the service work better.

    Its hard to imagine not using the service now.

    sheynk ✈ has used this product for one year.
  • Jeremy PerontoBusiness Development, Amazon

    Aspirational; Incredible demo.


    Expensive on a per task and overall basis; Poor definition of an "effective minute".

    I want to believe in Fin. I was turned off by the price, but was wowed by the demo video and took it for a spin. I was so excited by the potential that I even found a spot for it on my home screen.

    My first request was to send flowers to someone for under $50. The ETA given was 95 minutes. Three hours later I had gotten no feedback. Concerned that I going to end up spending more on the service than the flowers, I asked for a status. I got feedback that the task would take longer but I was only being charged for the active minute. My ETA increased to 10 hours. As I watched the cost balloon up to $38, I cancelled the task.

    My second request was to add a brewery I had just heard about to my "Restaurants to try" list. In my mind, this should basically be an AI task that would be used when I asked Fin to make future bookings. I assumed it would take next to zero time. Instead, it took 18 effective minutes.

    $56 later, I had a single restaurant added to a list.

    I believe in the utility Fin is selling. But after limited use, the vision and the execution feel very far apart. And as much as I want to be an optimist, the founder responses to user comments here on Product Hunt read as tone deaf and are in the process of converting me to a pessimist.

    Jeremy Peronto has used this product for one day.
  • Christopher LeachProgrammer and Student

    Can basically get anything done for you


    Can be expensive depending on how you use it

    I find that the offer they give us hunters is the best way to use Fin. I used it when It had a monthly rate and loved it and love it now, but I save a lot of money because I don't request often but when I do it really helps. Don't know why so many detractors.

    Christopher Leach has used this product for one year.
  • Andrew DelawarePerformance

    The concept and sell is great.


    The service doesn’t come even close to performing as described.

    I used Fin for a month, and was excited by the potential to save me time. My company even agreed to pay for it! Aces.

    However, my excitement came crashing down, but after bit, failure after failure, as every single thing I tried to ask Fin to do either created more effort for me than it was worth, couldn’t be done (even a simple task like checking to ensure my employees‘ time cards were completed each week), or ended up with sub-par or no results.

    After a month, I gave up.

    Beware the clever sell job.

    Andrew Delaware has used this product for one month.
  • Rupert Morris👨🏻‍💻Director, Munro Agency

    Looks amazing


    EXPENSIVE! No Trial. Only USA

    This looked like somehting I would love to use but really not up for paying without testing it. Especially since so many of the voice assistants come with glossy adverts and then always leave you wanting.

    Rupert Morris👨🏻‍💻 has never used this product.
  • Melissa KoffPartner, Carlos Zapata Studio

    quick to respond and sometimes helpful



    They were completely USELESS for certain tasks and OVERCHARGED for the minimal tasks. There is no way for the user to question the minutes spent on and they PAD THEIR BILLS. It does NOT take 15 minutes to make a reservation. They did NOT visit over a thousand websites in order to suggest that I visit the Louvre when I go to Paris. They were able to order a few items but did not provide order info or tracking without me asking (which I then had to pay for!!! DO NOT GET FOOLED!!@!!

    Melissa Koff has used this product for one month.
  • Bridges to ItalyPrez, Bridges to Italy

    It seems like an interesting concept


    they charge right away, no free trial

    For something supposedly so revolutionary, they should let people try the service for free pr at least a couple of weeks

    Bridges to Italy has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    The Fin Video is so good - breaks down how it can be used - real eye opener


    Pricing (a friend uses it) though this makes sense for the level of service - hope it can reduce in time / with more AI/ML etc

    Thanks for the fabulous video. SO pleased to see Fin's success. Will keep recommending it. In my newsletter this week.

    Samantha Bell has never used this product.
  • Armando CastilloProduct Engineer

    Quick to respond


    Expensive, have been trying to cancel my account but still have not been able to.

    Fin, if you are listening please cancel my account and stop sending me invoices.

    Armando Castillo has never used this product.
  • Christopher SchultesCo-Founder, Pyoneer

    Good concept!


    no free trial

    I would test it if it would be for free in the beginning.

    Christopher Schultes has never used this product.