A new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud


UPDATE: Since the time of this post, we have lowered prices 25% to 40% and dramatically improved the quality of service across all major categories.

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  • Jeremy Peronto
    Jeremy PerontoBusiness Development, Amazon

    Aspirational; Incredible demo.


    Expensive on a per task and overall basis; Poor definition of an "effective minute".

    I want to believe in Fin. I was turned off by the price, but was wowed by the demo video and took it for a spin. I was so excited by the potential that I even found a spot for it on my home screen.

    My first request was to send flowers to someone for under $50. The ETA given was 95 minutes. Three hours later I had gotten no feedback. Concerned that I going to end up spending more on the service than the flowers, I asked for a status. I got feedback that the task would take longer but I was only being charged for the active minute. My ETA increased to 10 hours. As I watched the cost balloon up to $38, I cancelled the task.

    My second request was to add a brewery I had just heard about to my "Restaurants to try" list. In my mind, this should basically be an AI task that would be used when I asked Fin to make future bookings. I assumed it would take next to zero time. Instead, it took 18 effective minutes.

    $56 later, I had a single restaurant added to a list.

    I believe in the utility Fin is selling. But after limited use, the vision and the execution feel very far apart. And as much as I want to be an optimist, the founder responses to user comments here on Product Hunt read as tone deaf and are in the process of converting me to a pessimist.

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  • Christopher Leach
    Christopher LeachProgrammer and Student

    Can basically get anything done for you


    Can be expensive depending on how you use it

    I find that the offer they give us hunters is the best way to use Fin. I used it when It had a monthly rate and loved it and love it now, but I save a lot of money because I don't request often but when I do it really helps. Don't know why so many detractors.

    Christopher Leach has used this product for one year.
  • Bridges to Italy
    Bridges to ItalyPrez, Bridges to Italy

    It seems like an interesting concept


    they charge right away, no free trial

    For something supposedly so revolutionary, they should let people try the service for free pr at least a couple of weeks

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  • sheynk ✈
    sheynk ✈digital - nomad - vc - product

    Truly 24/7 help with just about anything you can reasonably ask a native english speaker with a fast internet connection to do


    Sometimes hard things are done well and little details are missed - which you would get really upset at a real assistant for :-)

    I've been using the product very actively for about a year now. I'm a terrible edge case customer: multi-time zone, foreign language addresses, weird scheduling requirements (sun-thur for in person, mon-wed for calls, etc), and other oddities.

    While no service is perfect ... and certainly no remote/virtual assistant is ... whats been awesome is seeing how much Sam and Andrew listen to customers, improve the app, and make the service work better.

    Its hard to imagine not using the service now.

    sheynk ✈ has used this product for one year.
  • Kevin Rabinovich
    Kevin RabinovichDesigner & Developer

    (Haven’t used)


    Privacy policy is very concerning.

    They seem to be failing at only using as much user data as absolutely necessary for their product to function. According to their privacy policy, your data is shared with others, whether you want it or not, and you can’t ask for your data to be deleted. A nice surprise in an email that’s sent to you after signing up (presuming that you, like 99% of all other users, don’t take time to fully read their privacy policy)!

    From their User Data Policy (Privacy Policy?):

    **Does Fin share the Information it collects with other People?**

    Yes. As a general rule, Fin shares the Information it collects and learns from you with other People, including People who do not use Fin. This includes Information Fin collects and learns from your Communications and Conversations (including the things you ask Fin to do), as well as any Information Fin collects and learns from your address book, calendar, and email account (including Contact Information). Fin may also share the fact that you use Fin with other people.

    If Fin shares something it collects from you, Fin will not identify you by name as the source of that Information unless you give Fin permission to do so (either through this Data Policy or otherwise). You give Fin permission to identify you as the source of any Information shared with your starred or trusted connections. You also give Fin permission to identify you as the source of any Information you share publicly using Fin.

    If you want to share Information with Fin, but do not want Fin to share that Information with anyone else, you should place it in the Fin Vault.

    Fin does not sell your personally identifiable information to advertisers. Fin will also not share the transcript of any emails it collects from accessing your email account.

    **Does Fin delete any Information it collects?**

    No. Because Fin is a collective knowledge system, Fin retains all of the Information it collects and learns, including Information it collects and learns from you.

    If you want to share Information with Fin, but want to be able to delete it later, you should place it in the Fin Vault.

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  • Pros: 

    Scheduling Support, Remembers preferences, 24/7 assistance


    Only integrates with google calendar - Not an issue for me but something to be aware of.

    I use Fin primarily for scheduling meetings, booking reservations and flights. Fin remembers my preferences, is really easy to use and saves me hours each week.

    Arian Agrawal has used this product for one year.
  • Andrew Delaware
    Andrew DelawarePerformance

    The concept and sell is great.


    The service doesn’t come even close to performing as described.

    I used Fin for a month, and was excited by the potential to save me time. My company even agreed to pay for it! Aces.

    However, my excitement came crashing down, but after bit, failure after failure, as every single thing I tried to ask Fin to do either created more effort for me than it was worth, couldn’t be done (even a simple task like checking to ensure my employees‘ time cards were completed each week), or ended up with sub-par or no results.

    After a month, I gave up.

    Beware the clever sell job.

    Andrew Delaware has used this product for one month.
  • Jonathan Simon
    Jonathan SimonFin Exploration Company

    Can do anything for you



    I mostly use Fin to help with tasks around the house, like finding a Handyman or renting out my garage. Fin does exactly what you ask, you just need to keep an eye on how much time Fin is spending on the task so that you aren't caught off-guard when the bill comes.

    Jonathan Simon has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    I can delegate anything to Fin


    Some tasks require multiple back-and-forths

    Fin can take care of anything that I need. Making calls, responding to emails, remembering things for me, and handling recurring tasks that I have to do every month.

    John Graham has used this product for one year.
  • Angela Wu Li
    Angela Wu Lifreelance product experiencer

    Does nearly everything; 24/7 service


    Only integrates with Google calendar

    Super easy to use and great for offloading tasks so I can focus on the present / what's in front of me. Mostly use it for reservations, contacting people I don't want to be on the phone with (postal service, airlines, etc.), shopping, etc.

    Angela Wu Li has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Does more than any other AI I've ever seen. Have stepped their game up in customer service, quality, speed, and efficiency since Jan 18.


    No Android app.

    Fin is very fair with costs and time as long as you are very up front with what tasks you need completed, how you want them done, and relay all the necessary details without too much back and forth. Rather than capping a task at a certain cost, they charge by the minute, which is what it would actually cost you to do something (most of the time). Often when I am surprised at a bill, I have somewhere in my mind the idea that I could have done that task faster, but nobody

    Aren Rai has used this product for one year.
  • Rupert Morris👨🏻‍💻
    Rupert Morris👨🏻‍💻Director, Munro Agency

    Looks amazing


    EXPENSIVE! No Trial. Only USA

    This looked like somehting I would love to use but really not up for paying without testing it. Especially since so many of the voice assistants come with glossy adverts and then always leave you wanting.

    Rupert Morris👨🏻‍💻 has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Huge timesaver, does the work you don't want to


    Can be expensive, but use it wisely and you won't have an issue

    I've been using Fin for about 9 months, and it's been an insanely beneficial time-saver. While I typically use it for small tasks I don't want to do myself (call the insurance company or find a service provider), I can see how it would be helpful to folks who own their own businesses or don't have an assistant of their own. Fin has helped me with scheduling, travel planning and the like.

    For those who say it's too expensive to use full time, I disagree. Yes- people who use Fin full time as an executive assistant are possibly paying $1000+ a month, but they're only paying for what they actually need done and aren't paying payroll tax or health insurance for an actual human employee.

    If you're a casual user, just be conscious of the tasks you submit. Easy enough!

    Like any startup, Fin may have their hiccups, but they're eager to right their wrongs and retain their users. They're also quick and responsive to improve their service based on user feedback.

    Amanda Aksamit has used this product for one year.
  • Cory Brown
    Cory BrownProduct Manager @austinmonitor

    Zero. They spam your contacts.


    Will spam your contacts

    --> Fin will spam your contacts. Don't do that to your friends or colleagues.

    Fin spammed me, because I happen to have friends who have Fin accounts. They say they take CAN-SPAM "very seriously" and they have permission, but they don't. I never gave them permission.

    When I pointed this out, the CEO admitted they run filters on their existing users and send automatic, unsolicted emails to their users' contacts. This is unaccaptable and gross.

    Worse yet, he even admitted that inviting people who don't want the service would be a negative. But they are doing it anyway. In the original email, it suggested reaching out to the legal team if you had questions. They never answered.

    Cory Brown has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Great for research projects and scheduling! I also love using Fin to send me reminders!


    Does not have an Android app

    Fin has saved me a ton of time and effort with scheduling things like doctor's appointments while I'm busy during the work day. It has also been an extremely helpful service for a few research projects, as well as for vacation planning. It's something I can use on a professional and personal level.

    Jackie Martin has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    100% on demand. Continually improving speed and quality of work.


    Expensive, but quality assistance isn't cheap.

    When I'm too busy to reasonably handle everything on my todo list I love that I can buy back my time by outsourcing things to Fin. I often think about how much my free time, or the ability to do a certain activity is worth in real dollars, and Fin is essentially the exchange interface that allows me to trade money for time while still getting everything done.

    kyle fisher has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Ability to execute open-ended requests, personable communications


    Requires google authorization (gmail, gcal, etc)

    Fin is fantastic for tasks I neglect because of their tedium or open-ended difficulty.

    Personally, Fin's greatest value comes from scheduling appointments with my dentist, doctor, PT, etc!

    Adam Jung has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Very natural interface. Understands context and my preferences for each task.


    Price can be expensive at times

    I've been using Fin now for over a year, and it has been a huge time saver. From booking airline tickets for my wife, me, and my cat, to finding hard to get camping reservations, Fin is there to help at every turn.

    Jonathan Hilgart has used this product for one year.
  • Melissa Koff
    Melissa KoffPartner, Carlos Zapata Studio

    quick to respond and sometimes helpful



    They were completely USELESS for certain tasks and OVERCHARGED for the minimal tasks. There is no way for the user to question the minutes spent on and they PAD THEIR BILLS. It does NOT take 15 minutes to make a reservation. They did NOT visit over a thousand websites in order to suggest that I visit the Louvre when I go to Paris. They were able to order a few items but did not provide order info or tracking without me asking (which I then had to pay for!!! DO NOT GET FOOLED!!@!!

    Melissa Koff has used this product for one month.
  • Christopher Schultes
    Christopher SchultesCo-Founder, Pyoneer

    Good concept!


    no free trial

    I would test it if it would be for free in the beginning.

    Christopher Schultes has never used this product.