Cory Brown
Cory Brown reviewedFinA new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud
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Zero. They spam your contacts.


Will spam your contacts

--> Fin will spam your contacts. Don't do that to your friends or colleagues.

Fin spammed me, because I happen to have friends who have Fin accounts. They say they take CAN-SPAM "very seriously" and they have permission, but they don't. I never gave them permission.

When I pointed this out, the CEO admitted they run filters on their existing users and send automatic, unsolicted emails to their users' contacts. This is unaccaptable and gross.

Worse yet, he even admitted that inviting people who don't want the service would be a negative. But they are doing it anyway. In the original email, it suggested reaching out to the legal team if you had questions. They never answered.

Cory Brown has never used this product.