Amanda Aksamit
Amanda Aksamit reviewedFinA new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud

Huge timesaver, does the work you don't want to


Can be expensive, but use it wisely and you won't have an issue

I've been using Fin for about 9 months, and it's been an insanely beneficial time-saver. While I typically use it for small tasks I don't want to do myself (call the insurance company or find a service provider), I can see how it would be helpful to folks who own their own businesses or don't have an assistant of their own. Fin has helped me with scheduling, travel planning and the like.

For those who say it's too expensive to use full time, I disagree. Yes- people who use Fin full time as an executive assistant are possibly paying $1000+ a month, but they're only paying for what they actually need done and aren't paying payroll tax or health insurance for an actual human employee.

If you're a casual user, just be conscious of the tasks you submit. Easy enough!

Like any startup, Fin may have their hiccups, but they're eager to right their wrongs and retain their users. They're also quick and responsive to improve their service based on user feedback.

Amanda Aksamit has used this product for one year.