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sheynk ✈ reviewedFinA new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud

Truly 24/7 help with just about anything you can reasonably ask a native english speaker with a fast internet connection to do


Sometimes hard things are done well and little details are missed - which you would get really upset at a real assistant for :-)

I've been using the product very actively for about a year now. I'm a terrible edge case customer: multi-time zone, foreign language addresses, weird scheduling requirements (sun-thur for in person, mon-wed for calls, etc), and other oddities.

While no service is perfect ... and certainly no remote/virtual assistant is ... whats been awesome is seeing how much Sam and Andrew listen to customers, improve the app, and make the service work better.

Its hard to imagine not using the service now.

sheynk ✈ has used this product for one year.