Filtru is a handy coffee timer with step-by-step recipes for all coffee enthusiasts, or connect Bluetooth scale for real-time guidance.

Featured in TIME, Caffeine Magazine and Tele5 Polska, Filtru makes a perfect companion for any coffee aficionado.

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I'm happy to announce Filtru has finally arrived on Android! You can now enjoy using Filtru, along with curated brew recipes from many coffee roasters and make coffee at the comfort of your home. You can download Filtru from Play Store for FREE. Feel free to send any feedback through the support channel (tap the Feedback button in the app), and make sure you leave a review on the Play Store page, so that more people can find out about the app!
Hi all, This is Filtru, it's a handy coffee timer with guided brewing methods for all coffee enthiusiasts. Step by step recipes guide you through the best way to prepare your beverage providing pouring intervals, stir and wait instructions. The app comes with recipes for the 9 most popular coffee brewing methods with an easy to use and intuitive interface that also allows you to create and store your own methods. To ensure optimal caffeine level during the day, Filtru features HealthKit integration and an indicator of consumed cups of coffee. Filtru comes with the following recipes: - Chemex - AeroPress - Hario V60 (Pourover) - Bonmac Dripper - Bee house Dripper - Kalita Wave (Pourover) - Moka Pot (Espresso) - French Press (Cafetiere) - Siphon Enjoy your coffee time :-)
nice apps. a lot of idea you can have.. keep it up Filtru Coffee 😚😚
Very useful, great apps.