Create and share your own photo filters on Mac & iPhone

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Woo! SO excited to get this out!! But it wouldn't be Filtron if _something_ didn't go wrong lol... so as it turns out Apple finally (after a month of attempts) approved my Mac app.. but they didn't add any of the In-App Purchases to the Mac app release build ๐Ÿ˜ฑ That means none of the in-app purchases on Mac will work. So annoying lol. I'm trying to expedite a review and trying to contact them to fix this issue. Grab the iOS app to create your own filters for now. Hopefully Apple will fix this in the next day or so (who knows) and the Mac app will be fully functional then. Have fun making and sharing filters!!
@drewwilson Here is a video I made describing the issue with Mac:
@drewwilson It appears Apple has finally added the In-App Purchases to the App Store! So all is well and all is working now! Have fun using Filtron!
I just published another article all about Designing Filtron:
@drewwilson ah this is wicked! Super interesting article too. Thanks Drew and best of luck. Upvoted so I can tell my grandchildren..
@drewwilson good stuff! Would you be interesting in joining a Slack community for visual startup founders? This area of the visual landscape is relatively uncovered in our community but nonetheless very interesting! Just drop me a line at
There are so many filter apps out there but this one hits me right in the sweet spot. Highly customizable, save-able, share-able filters. This is especially good if you want to dial in a signature "look" to your photos. The creator (Drew Wilson) has made a ton of really high quality products, and I've loved every one of them. His blog post on his 2 year journey to build this:
This looks amazing, it deservers way more upvotes. Hope it gains tractions, it's obviously a great work. Can't wait to try it!
Once again, Drew Wilson kills it. When do you sleep?!