Your personal water tower

Stay hydrated in places you get stuck - your desk, meetings, workouts or even your bed.
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I wake up several times a night and always take a swig of water. Worst part is when I'm approaching the morning and I need to get up and refill, or when it's room temperature instead of icy cold. This will be an amazing addition to my night stand and desk at work for sure. Plus, how cool does it look?! I love it.
@kristofertm Thanks for the vote of confidence. We are eager to get this product out to everyone.
@Joelheath I love the design of Fillup. How many different prototypes did you go through to arrive at this?
@joelheath @kristofertm too many! I have parts everywhere in our shop at this point. The first one was the funniest as it looked like a big space egg.
how many cups are in a single tank? Would love this in our conference room
Great for keeping team hydrated during long meetings.