Very fast multi-threaded OSS (MIT) file size scanner utility

FileSaver is just solving a personal issue I had with existing open-source file-size scanning utilities.
It's fast file-size scanner that can scan tens of thousands of files a second, providing an immediate interactive view of your disk.
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1 Review5.0/5
I guess if it's available as an easy to implement library, might see it be used in many places. (Maybe even implemented on desktop environment's file explorers in Linux or something, who knows)
This isn't a product exactly. I'm unsure if it'll go on app stores or be available to the general public, but it's a nice simple utility that does what it proposes itself to do. The only bigger remaining issue is that it'll use *a lot* of memory while running, which I think wouldn't be a requirement anymore for it to be performant, so it should be solved in the future. There're also some UX issues, like easily opening folders in finder. Sharing in case it can be useful for you 😊