Figmator Video Slideshow Maker

Turn your best memories into beautiful slideshows.

Hey guys, It has been a long time since our first product, Habitify released. This time we get back with a new product that helps you make beautiful slideshow video on mobile. Recently, we have realized that the market of products specializing on slideshow on mobile has not been paid attention much to produce good products. Therefore, we decided to create an application that helps people create slideshows and videos with more beautiful effects. This application is called Figmator, currently it has got the first version on AppStore. Let me know your opinion about this product. This really helps us to improve it better in the future. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or comments about Figmator. Cheer!
Not bad, will use to share happy Birthday messages. Thank you.
@androidlove Thank you for your compliment. Not only happy birthday, you can also use it for your trip, your anniversary, your memories.
Hey can I see the walk through video ?
@ayush_chandra We haven't had the walkthrough video yet. However you can download the app and use easily without walkthrough video, I think. All steps are effortless. Thank you!
I recently tried to use the GoPro app "Quik" and it seemed like it took forever to get the videos into the app, which made it nearly impossible to use. They also limit the videos to square format. I like to some of the things they were doing, but it seems like it took way too long to process everything. How are you getting around this?
@automateiq With Figmator, I'm sure that you can't have problems when importing video to the app or square format automatically. You can try to see how Figmator works and give us your feedback. Thank you!
@s_n_min I've tried the app and the import process is still pretty long, especially since I saw no way to batch import. I'm a Splice and Quick user, as well as owning Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier with DSLR's etc.. but film a lot of more fun things on my iPhone.