Figma desktop app delivering a more natural Mac experience

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2019
A super lightweight Figma desktop app alternative, that delivers a more natural Mac experience.
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I started using Figma over the summer and fell in love with it. There were a bunch of things I thought the official desktop app was lacking on the Mac, so I wrote my own native Mac alternative. I figured others may be interested in using it too, it’s free, I hope you like it. Please note: Google login is not currently supported.
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@normsheeran Hi, first off awesome work on the product and congrats on launching! One caveat that I may give is promoting this is as a native mac alternative. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand this is a browser app wrapped with a native-feel to it. Again, hats off on the great work!
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Same issue here. Not possible with Google login. Love the effort tho!
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@normsheeran Norm is a great Mac developer. Proved this with Blocs which I bought several years ago. I'm into Sketch myself but if I would be a Figma user I would definitely try it. Native is always better than Electron one.
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@csaba_kissi Thank you. It was great fun to make this app as a little side project.
Plugins menu missing in the top menu bar. Its available in the right click menu and universal search though.
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