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Hey there, I'm Kris, the VPE of Figma. Super excited to introduce the Figma Platform. We're starting off with a new concept for the design space: A Web API. To our knowledge, no one has ever created one for a professional design tool before (crazy right?) because design traditionally takes place in a world of siloed desktop software. Figma lives online where everything is connected, so we can harness the open nature of the web. Our hope is that this API will lay the foundation for unique forms of design collaboration. You can read more about it here: https://blog.figma.com/introduci... and get a first look at some example projects from Uber and Github! You can also check out the FastCo article here on the larger implications our design web API has for the tech industry. https://www.fastcodesign.com/901... What do you think of this approach to opening up the design process? Do you have ideas of what you want to build with it, or a dream feature list for the write API we'll work on next? Let us know here on Product Hunt!
Jirka Třečák
CEO & Founder of Supernova
Well then, I thought we'll have a rest this weekend, but I guess we are going to write support for figma instead! <3
Nate DavisData Driven Designer
@jirka_trecak 😂 🙏🏻
Jonathan Simcoe
Futurist, with reservations. //////\
This is an exciting release from a company pushing the boundaries in design tools.
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
Super excited for this. It'll be the final thing to bring Figma up to par with Sketch and truly bring about a cross platform experience for design teams. Looking forward to all the cool things people are going to do with this.
Gary TorresMaker of Moji
This is great! Finally plugins and add-ons will be developed and the feature gap with the sketch ecosystem will be closed. Congratulations guys! Looking forward to see all the crazy new things built with the API access.
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