Figma Live Embed Kit

Add real-time designs & prototypes to any website or tool

It's as simple as copying an iframe. Figma runs on the web, so these design & prototype embeds will stay synchronized w/ the Figma original. Designers: Make a design tweak, then sit back & relax. No more exporting or uploading anything. Developers: Add this functionality to your own tools so your users can embed Figma files. Kit:

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Hey Product Hunt, Dylan here from Figma. We know the struggle of keeping product teams in sync across many files and tools. With our new Live Embed Kit, anyone can add live, always up to date designs and prototypes in their websites and tools — just like Trello, JIRA and Dropbox Paper. It’s as simple as adding an iframe; check out for more detailed instructions. We’re really excited to see what the community builds with this. Here’s a few examples of where live, synchronized designs could be helpful: - Do you run an internal wiki for your company? Add Figma and people can post live designs to articles about projects or features. - Are you building a messaging app for teams? Connect Figma and your users can share the latest versions of designs in group chats. - Do you want to blog about a project you’re working on? Embed a live Figma file and your readers will always see the most recent version of your design. We’re excited to see what people build with Live Embed! Let us know what you think of this and what you hope to see next! Interested partners for our upcoming API shoot us a line at
@figma @zoink That's pretty cool! Maybe you could do this as a superset of oEmbed, the open standard, too?
Congrats to the Figma team! They are constantly pushing out valuable updates to people who use their product :) I'm a happy Figma customer & user!

I've switched from Sketch to Figma, and I can't go back. Figma feels like the future. And Figma Live Embed make everything easier to share and showcase.


Awesomely fast. Easy to share. Uber flexible


need internet connection