Fifty Square Feet Productions

Production house. We partner brands with great stories.

Since leaving the military, I dove deep into film and tech. The cinematic style and storytelling quality of Fifty Square Feet Productions has made me realize what is possible for visual innovation. Founded by veterans, 50 is my go-to, full-stack visual arts platform for every one of my projects. Here's a link to 50's recent collaboration with @VetTechTrek:
Thanks @mslagh for the invite. It was a pleasure to work with @VetTechTrek to tell such an amazing story. We are @fiftysqft and we <3 startups. PS- get in touch re: product videos for equity or revshare.
@mhelbig1 @fiftysqft I just watched a couple of your videos on your web site. You do excellent work! Great storytelling.
@stephenchip thanks for the kindness!