"Hot or Not" for music discovery: 2 hrs of tracks in 2 mins

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Hey All, I'm Clay, the dude behind Would love to hear any feedback / thoughts. We just launched and are moving quickly. We're currently taking part in the accelerator ( demo day is 2 weeks away! ) and are pumped to launch the beta. Thanks for checking it out! - Clay
@claykohut Hi Clay, nice work! I'm the founder of Choosic. It's great that it's integrated with Spotify. To provide the recommendations are you using Spotify/Echonest's API and if so what differentiates yourselves? There's many "hot or not" & "tinder" for music apps. Us being one of them :)
We don't look at any of your info -- the private playlist access is needed because the generated playlists are private. Our privacy policy will be up soon. I'm going to look in to the subscription details access request -- that may or may not be something we can disable requesting. ( as we aren't using it for anything )
HunterHiring is a fast way to discover dope new tracks on Spotify. Super simple and clean interface. Looking forward to added genres of music but really impressed with the app at MVP level. Plays 15 seconds of each track, users quickly decide wether it’s “DOPE” or “NOPE”. Dope’d tracks are added to genre-specific playlists on Spotify. The beta just dropped as a web-app and wasting too much time on it already.
I love being able to sample the drop in a song before fully committing to it
I'm loving the concept but the lack of a privacy policy makes me nervous. You want access to everything including my private playlists and subscription details. Is this needed?
@claykohut : any insight on this? seems a lot of info to request