Beat Optimization for Higher Sales Productivity

Optimum utilization of sales resources is a significant challenge for consumer goods companies. Locus FieldPro generates automated beat plans confirming optimum transaction time for the salesperson. Locus’ AI-based engine takes the operating hours of the resource and pre-defined company rules into account, curbing human dependency & errors.

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    Ikprabh KohliI imagine the idea, never the art.

    Augmenting AI to reduce human effort and error


    To make people understand its value on their overall business operations.

    I think this makes sense from a macro perspective, where cutting down on time which would otherwise get spent in human error could be the right way forward.

    All the best!

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I have used FieldPro for generating permanent journey plans for major FMCG companies in India and South East Asia. Broadly speaking, it is a very robust product that models almost all real world problems. Pros: 1. The optimization process is extremely fast, and one can go from concept to on-ground plans in a matter of minutes. It allows me to see implications of soft business and operational constraints in a matter of minutes. 2. The solutions generated by the optimization software capture domain specific real world constraints. For example - permanent journey plans are created such that the delivery plans for the same are close, salesmen allocation to outlets is optimal, and ideal spacing between visits is maintained. 3. Support: The product comes with excellent support. FieldPro is a complex solution and has hundreds of knobs to play around with. The product team is always reachable, and helps you run and understand the weights of different parameters. Cons: 1. Value quantification: Although the results generated are readily executable on ground and display a savings north of 10% in almost all metrics, the true value is only realized when the plans are followed on ground, and real world metrics are calculated. This takes time, typically a few months. 2. Intuition vs optimality: FieldPro reaches optimality. The trade off is optimality defies human intuition at times. You would have to spend extra effort to understand and value, why it did what it did. Conclusion: A must use tool for any company that has an on-ground sales fleet.
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Can you tell me a bit more on the variable that this accounts for when it considers the value of a particular point on the beat plan?