Fidget Spinner Live

Livestream and chat with fellow fidget spinners

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What has the world come to.
Peak fidget spinner 😂
Fidget Spinner Live is a fun little side project @ibakurov and I built. Little did we know fidget spinners were (still are??) quite a contentious topic on Reddit and this resulted in us starting a rather large and hilarious debate about whether or not there is a demand for Fidget Spinner Live (link below). After reaching the front page of Reddit and realizing how opinionated people were about Fidget Spinner Live I could not resist stirring the pot, so I sent out a provocative push notification and provocative it was! This post also reached the front page of Reddit: This is certainly the side project that has been most entertaining to me personally. Let me know if you have any questions! Jacob
Changing the world, one app at a time. This is fun. I like it. 🤙
@ldesserrey Haha thanks Laurent!