Feverkill PC Cooling Controller

Unified SW+HW tool for advanced fan control and protection.

Feverkill PC Cooling Controller is an automated, complex but easy to use SW+HW tool with event-based overheating protection and lots of monitoring functions.

The SW on the PC can manage an optional USB hardware to use more devices: sensors, fans, pumps, LEDs.

Easier to use and more complex than eg. Speedfan.

Unified tool for advanced fan control.

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Hey, we are very excited about this PH launch. Listening to loud PC fans is not so good. The damage is also very frustrating when your rig overheats. But spending waste amount of money on a killer cooling system is also unnecessary. We are about to make the user experience smoother and the overheating protection more reliable. We would like to silence the PC-s, save power by optimizing the cooling performance and reduce the overall costs of computer cooling systems. We would be happy to get your opinion about the solution!