Fever Free

Employee temperature checks + symptom reports verified by AI

Fever Free ensures organizations are healthy before teams interact each day!
📱 AI-verified virtual fever checks
🤒 Detailed symptom reports for a full health view
🔔 Real-time alerts and custom fever protocols
🌡️ Works with any digital thermometer
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Hey Product Hunters and Huntresses, I’m Co-founder and Head of Product at WeeCare, the team behind Fever Free. When COVID-19 hit, WeeCare needed a way to keep our network of 3000+ daycares healthy -- sending another pamphlet about “cleanliness best practices” just wasn’t going to cut it. We decided to leverage existing tech in our app to enable our childcare providers and families to submit videos of themselves taking their temperature before arrival to verify everyone was fever-free each day. The tool helped 95% of our daycares remain open (vs. 75% national avg.) with no reported COVID-19 cases. Due to the effectiveness, we began receiving requests from organizations offering essential services to use the tool for their own businesses. Today, we’re excited to release FeverFree.ai, AI-verified virtual temperature and symptom checks, so that all organizations and communities can ensure their members are healthy before they interact. Here’s how it works at a high level: 1. Organizations set up health requirements and invite team members/managers 2. Team members submit video temperature checks and log symptoms before arrival 3. Our AI looks for a human, a thermometer, a valid temperature reading and confirms no prohibited symptoms are present 4. Healthy members receive clearance badge for arrival and unhealthy members receive automated protocol with next steps FeverFree.ai means no more in-person thermometer booping or having unhealthy team members come to the office. We only share PASS/FAIL clearance status with designated health managers and we’re compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, OSHA (and most major privacy policies). We’re currently working with: 🏫 K-12 Schools, camps and childcare facilities 🍽️ Restaurants 👩‍⚕️ Assisted living centers 🛠️ Manufacturing facilities 🏥 Hospitals … and many others We would LOVE your feedback and questions. Our team is so proud of what we have built, and we are continuing to make updates to increase organization safety and efficiency. To try it for free, visit: https://feverfree.ai As a big thank you for your all of your feedback, we’re giving Product Hunters a 10% discount on Fever Free. No code needed, just let us know you’re from Product Hunt when you sign up ✅
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This project has loads of potential to help people bring a level of transparency, safety, and accountability to reopening efforts. Individuals can scan their own temperatures and then have their reading verified using with computer vision/OCR.
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@chrismessina Big thanks for sharing, Chris, and for the awesome feedback on the product.
Thanks @chrismessina. We are incredibly grateful for all of your feedback 🙌
Really cool to see this come together so quickly. The symptom checks with the temp checks are my favorite piece. There has been so much talk about fever checks alone not being able to catch all cases because some folks don't have fevers - the combo addresses that well. Are the symptoms editable, or will you be releasing updated symptoms as we learn more and more about COVID-19?
Thanks @saphira_howell! Organizations can customize everything from symptoms and fever threshold to automated protocol and employee access level. We've made it flexible to suit any organization!
Thanks for sharing @chrismessina and team FeverFree. Any learning curve to the app for the users or is it something you're seeing them pick up pretty quickly? Will for sure be sharing.
@ayesha_campbell We strive to make Fever Free an easy and intuitive user experience. There is almost no learning curve since the app walks the user through what to do. All that's needed is a digital thermometer (which is described in the onboarding flow for a user). That being said, we would love to hear feedback though! I'm sure there are a ton of ways we can improve the experience and user education.
cool stuff :)
@saksham_vasudeva Thank you from the team and I! :)