A playfully competitive way to meet new dates

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Some dating sites are too serious in their approach to dating, so we focused on something different; a fun, safe, and competitive dating app experience. No swiping, just tap and hold to chat. Let us know what you think :)
Might be just me.. but from that demo video I'm left with a few questions unanswered: (1) how does the matching occur? (2) what does holding the screen *actually* do apart from raise the temperature? Feel like it needs a better explanation. Nice design though.
@adamcudworth - thanks for the feedback. Sorry if the video didn’t do it justice... it's still a work in progress :) - here are the answers to your questions: We match you based on location primarily, and we’re looking at different ways to use the engagement of ‘tapping and holding’ to better match you with someone you’ll like. For Tinder, and other match-based apps, matching is a binary action; you either like someone or you don’t. With Fever, it’s different because there is a factor of ‘how long did you hold’ instead of a ‘yes' or ‘no'. When you’re holding the screen, it raises the temperature of that person, raising the barrier to chat with them. When that happens, the next person who wants to chat has to hold for slightly longer than the last person did. We thought it would be an interesting solution to try and ‘scale hotness’ for people who would be getting a lot of attention. Kudos to @heartsarts for the great design :)
@prollinger interesting, thanks for the explanation. I certainly didn't get that from the video (or by checking your About page). Do you cap the 'temperature'? Otherwise, if x wants to chat to/match with y (who has a high temperature), x has to hold down for a while - can't imagine this is a great UX.
@adamcudworth We decided not to limit the temperature to see how long people are willing to hold. Also - temperatures eventually go back down so nobody stays 'hot' forever. Definitely something we're still looking at though - great feedback!
Interesting. I'm curious how this will change people's behavior. I haven't tried the app yet, but I imagine guys can't mass message anymore and women will converse with generally more motivated guys.... and in some cases guys who sunk a lot of time into unlocking the chat.
I tried this out and as expected, I quickly browsed through all possible matches which is to be expected from a new dating app. The hold to view photos is an interesting mechanic and effectively creates a hot or not-like leaderboard of the most attractive people but it's unclear to me how that's going to help me get quality matches and may turn away less attractive people. Thoughts, @prollinger?
That's a great question @rrhoover. One solution we're testing is matching based on popularity. If you're super popular, we'll serve you people who are deemed equivalently popular. The only problem is that it assumes the Fever community knows what everyone will/will not like. Another solution is to nudge people who are lurking on other people's profiles (tapping and holding, but not long enough to engage in a chat). If two people have been lurking on each other for a while, maybe we need to nudge them to connect by placing priority on them in our matching algo. These are just a couple ideas our team has (among a lot of others), but they need to be thoroughly tested and validated.