Ending expense reports once and for all — seriously

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Hi @michael_hourigan, what would you say differentiates this from Expensify, or Receipt Bank?
@gazzer82 Thanks for the question! The first thing you'll notice about Fetch compared to competitors is the design of the app. We believe that an aesthetically appealing interface not only gives the app a premium feel but also makes it extremely user friendly. Other differentiators, especially from receipt tracking apps, are that we track mileage and give teams the ability to pay users through the app. Fetch also doesn't make users generate actual "expense reports". We've developed a batching system for expenses which makes the approval and payment process easier for admins and quicker for employees.
@michael_hourigan thanks for the reply. Do you support OCR of receipts. Also, and this is generally where it always falls down for us, do you support reimbursement and tax handling outside the US?
@gazzer82 We perform instant OCR on about 70% of the receipts coming through our system depending on the receipt clarity. This initial launch is for US-based customers but we are planning to expand into international areas. Where are you located?
@michael_hourigan we’re in the UK, VAT handling always seems to be an issue for us, and the tax rules related to Mileage claims. Any plans for external integrations, Xero e.t.c?
@gazzer82 External integrations with platforms like Xero, QBO etc. will definitely be on the horizon if there is a strong need for them among our user base. VAT and mileage claims are absolutely something we're paying attention to and we certainly see your dilemma about current products not addressing them. As we expand, these will be top projects for us!
Fetch was created out of necessity and with small businesses in mind. There are plenty of expense reporting products out there but all too often they're glorified spreadsheet apps or they cater to larger businesses with very complex needs. Small businesses, including the Fetch team, need a simple app that allows employees to document expenses and get paid back fast. No bells and whistles, just taking pictures of receipts using a beautiful app and getting reimbursed. Fetch is best suited for small teams with fewer than 30 employees who have out of pocket expenses that need reimbursement.