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A visual lineup of your most listened to Spotify artists

Festify takes your most listened to Spotify artists and creates a visual line-up so you can share with your friends.
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Designer from concept to UI

The idea is very nice, I like to visualize the artists I listen to a lot (usually I am using last.fm listening reports). It would be super nice if you could improve on the final festival rendition poster. Maybe add some functionality (changing main/secondary color) and use more interesting typography.


It's a simple but fun tool and the process is super easy.


The festival poster itself should be improved. It's a bit disappointing because the web design leading to it looks more interesting.

Product Designer

I think you need a special domain for this project. I've seen someone didn't want to log in with their Spotify account because the domain a bit unreliable.


It's fun! I'm glad that we have "last 1 month, past 6 months or 1 year" options.


It would be so much better if I could download the illustrative-colorful version. I took a screenshot and shared it.


It's a great user experience which brings music, data and design together in a simple 1 min user experience. Check it out and put a smile on that face :)


It's fun and delightful and helps you visualize your dream music fest in the fomr of a fun poster!


You know it's hard for this dream line up to be a reality -- perhaps it could help make that come true?

Advertisin', Wanderlustin' Nerd

Love the idea, and the UX is great. Super simple to use, it quickly generates your "visual lineup", and I like that there's the option to adjust based on your taste from the last month, 6 months, and all time. Great work!


Fun! Nice to see a visual representation of my musical interests.


I now have proof that I have terrible taste in music!