Picture in picture for your mac.

The best way to multitask.

Keep an opened window in front of the rest.

A webpage, a video, a picture or a file.

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Hi PH ! I'm so excited to finally ship this to you all ! It all started as a proof of concept to get my hands dirty on the Mac OSX ecosystem and its app packaging system. And I wanted to create an app for a long time. I got a bit carried away :) I really hope this will fill the same gaps it filled for me, feature wise. Do not hesitate to ask anything, we're keen to see your feedback ! We're launching this with a discount for the first month, so hurry up ! As a gift to you all, here are some promo codes ! LFEJMJF39RX4 77T4W9YYPWKW R6N77Y3P7WL6 K6LHRJRWNHM4 J99HXK44YJER 4JW4PNE3E4KJ E93PP6FF6J77 XE4W36TLAF3K EAHXPP6WP6PA 4RW9LYAALMAF YJL9RETRXNXE WTXNJH3X9TJK HEKTYRAT4TPN 9JX93WEHYTXW JMLPMMTN4TTY
@yoannm All codes have been redeemed, can we get some more? : )
so sorry @ryanshook and @3raxton. I'm a bit short on codes right now. I'll see what I can do ;)
@ryanshook @3raxton @yoannm I would also like to request a code if possible :)
@yoannm It is already on a deep discount for a month. Throw the devs $5 and support cool stuff
Hey @yoannm and @max_william_neilson. Really nice tool, much more useful than I initially thought! I'd like to know if Fenêtre is still in active development and if new features are scheduled?
@alariccalmette Thank you very much ! It is indeed still in development, I'm planning on adding new features in the coming months. Stuff like favorites, more embeds support, touch-bar support, keyboard media controls...
Love the landing page but it's a little light on details and I'm unsure how I would use this. What use cases are you seeing, @yoannm / @max_william_neilson?
@rrhoover thank you so much! It's especially useful when you have a single screen. For example, I love watching conferences while coding, but when I'm on my single screen, I can't watch the video and having my code editor in full screen at the same time. Also, when following a tutorial for a specific software, I'm always ending Alt-Tabbing my way between the video and the software. With Fenêtre I can keep the video in the front, and even if I have to use something behind it, I can activate the see-through mode that will let me see and click through the video while hovering it. On a more entertaining note, I can binge watch Netflix episodes while working or doing something else on the same screen, while keeping the most real estate possible. Or keep an eye on my running idle games as well. I hope that will answer your question! Cheers!
I realize I'm late to the party, but yes! This is a great app! It solves a simple problem of multitasking and it does it elegantly!
How does this differ from Helium? Seems like you offer the same features as helium but only on your Pro plan. heliumfloats.com
@ea_roa thank you for your feedback. I was actually using Helium for a long time. It is a awesome app as well, offering a different set of features IMHO. A sneak peak of features offered by Fenêtre. - Browser extension - Code highlighter - Markdown Viewer - Click-through and See-through as well as opacity control (Helium has opacity too) - Lots of settings to control defaults behaviors. - Mute window - Clipboard access - Customizable hotkeys - Polished experience for some website (Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Github to name a few...) - Access to recent opened items - Local files support (video, image, text files...) - Collapsed view I hope this answers your question. Cheers!