[Coming soon] A social mood tracker with sharing and connecting people who care of each other. Activities for well-being while contributing social issues directly.
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Hello, product hunters! I'm Noritaka, founder of Feelyou. The Coronavirus crisis has raised mental health problems such as tiredness from telecommuting, loneliness due to not going out, absence of empathy, and SNS fatigue. It is also important to keep better emotional condition of each person for revitalizing an organization and triggering innovative business. "Feelyou" aims to lead such people to a state of well-being. Mood tracking, one of the methods of mental health care, is known as a method of recording and objectively recognizing one's emotions to encourage introspection and lead condition well-being. It is also said that empathy is important in the coming era of no answers, uncertain and stressful times. Empathy for others can help us to feel less alone and more connected to each other. In addition, being able to empathize with people in a variety of situations is a skill that leaders in this era need. On "Feelyou", we aim to provide casual care for each other's mental health by engaging with others. We provide a place where people can casually express their current feelings, both positive and negative, without being judged by anyone, and we create a platform where people can help each other to adjust their mental state and take appropriate actions through the emotion recording function and mutual empathy. Basic Functions ・Post your feelings at any point ・Personalized insights based on feelings posted ・Show empathy for other person's feelings with a reaction "Feelyou" ・Visualize the distribution of users' emotions around the world ・Activities on Feelyou (posts, reactions, comments) will lead to actual social contribution activities With the above features, we aim to create a comfortable place. We are so happy to join the community and happy to hear your feedback!