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Hello hunters, this is probably my last side project this year ;) As I check Product Hunt multiple times during the day i was looking for an alternative way to experience what's going on on Product Hunt. I was wondering how it would be to read it like your Facebook or Twitter timeline. After using the first prototype for a couple of days it felt great so i decided to share it with you. Many thanks to @valscholz for helping me with the layout! I am thankful for any feedback! Further plans/todos: - Filter for certain people or products (technically already implemented) - Indicator if new events are available - Filter based on who you follow
@neuling2k this is cool :) awesome job Is there a level of customisation that can be done based on who you follow? It could get really busy depending on the time of day and we may see that later ;) Also could be cool for it to be realtime like @jsneedles implemented with PH today
@bentossell @neuling2k Thanks! I was trying to avoid the whole authorization process for the first version. So no such customisation at the moment. But it is a great idea and shouldn't be that hard to be implemented.
@bentossell @neuling2k @jsneedles I was thinking about the aspect of realtime but realized that realtime makes no sense if i am not constantly looking at the screen. But there should be definitely a way to see if there are any updates without reloading the page.
@neuling2k yeah it's just ease of not refreshing the page. @jsneedles uses highlighting to see what is most recent but as a newsfeed this should be at the top anyway.
@neuling2k thanks! More awesome stuff to come! 😁
This is awesome! If the guys could get you POST access to the API, Maybe I would use it more than PH :O just don't put ads on it like Facebook!
@noxowe Thanks! No, there will be no ads :D If post access will ever become available maybe I will implement the upvote functionality. However, it's not my intention to build a second product hunt ;)
@neuling2k @noxowe Yes I know but people are angry with PH for some reason and your platform seems to solve the problem for them. So they don't need to build thousands of PH clones, they can just use a modified version of PH for angry people :D
@noxowe Don't misunderstand me, I am very far from being angry at PH and I check in hourly but some stuff is on your product that I miss from PH and those are not so important for me but very important for those people who "hate" product hunt right now. I'm not sure if they really hate it but I get this feeling from their blog posts
Wow, well done, @neuling2k. This very timely, too. I'm hopping on a call with @andreasklinger and @vesln in 5 minutes to discuss some social features/homepage changes that touch on aspects of what you've built. :)
@rrhoover @neuling2k @bentossell This is great, and I'd love to see aspects of it integrated into the next version of PH (would especially well on mobile I think). The impact something like this could have on the social and communal aspects of Product Hunt could be fantastic, not only in enriching the experience for existing hunters, but also in attracting new ones. Certainly something I'd love to see more of an evolution of :)
@rrhoover awesome ... happy to hear that :) would love to see some kind of timeline based view native on product hunt!
I like it ! It's a new way to explore PH. Because of you I'll probably lose even more time on PH ;-)
@virtualflo glad you like it! i was hoping to make my usage of product hunt more efficient ;)
Very pretty! Related to a 2015 project of mine: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@charlieegan3 nice! i like the "Mark all as Read" feature ... its already on my list for feed.ph. my goal for feed.ph was to get more of the whole context for each post/product/comment and not just the post itself.