Deploy any JavaScript SPA, with automatic SEO indexing

Deploy a JavaScript SPA, with automatic SEO indexing. No more dynamic websites with no presence on search engines. A completely crawlable prerender of your dynamic content so Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and everyone else will see exactly what you want.
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SEO is one of the main reasons e-commerce websites and content heavy websites are typically not built as single page apps yet. While there are more and more hosting options with focus on single page apps very few of these platforms make SEO a priority. Excited about how Feathery is moving the bar.
@__tosh Thanks Thomas for the hunt! Feathery.io co-founder @karlclement here 👋 @brandonwaselnuk, @ptlsaumil and I have been working on this product for the past few months and we are really proud of what we have done so far. We're a small team with really big plans and we aren't done yet! Feathery is the easiest way to get your Javascript SPA fully indexed by search engines. All you need to do is connect your Github account, select your repo, select your deploy branch/folder and you are live in no time at all! FEATURES: - Auto deploy directly from Github for every commit to a specific branch – Auto index all URLs in your sitemap – You get to choose which URLs you want indexed – On each URL, we wait for all your content to load – Users visiting the app get to see the same old experience you want them to see – No server setup, no SSR setup and no more struggling – Your app is live in a matter of minutes PH EXCLUSIVE: For all you hunters and early adopters, we are giving you 50% off (51.2% to be more precise) for every website deploy this week. You get to keep that price as long as the app is live (forever!) Please let us know what you think! If you have any feedback at all, we'd love to hear it. We will only get better and better with your help :) Thanks everyone for the support
@__tosh Thanks for the hunt! In case folks are interested we tossed up a public roadmap for features and enhancement requests here: https://trello.com/b/3EIciu3W/fe... Feel free to email us product @ feathery.io with any requests as well!
Wow! This product is awesome 💯 was just looking for something like this wondering why there wasn't an elegant way to improve SEO for lightweight apps.
@francovarriano You're telling us! We thought the same thing. I guess great minds do think alike ;)
I spoke to the founding team while vetting options for improving SEO on a Shopify product. I know they are willing to work with customers to make this product amazing and I’m confident it is going to save teams with SPAs a lot of time
@adam_waselnuk We would do anything for you, Adam! Thanks so much for sharing the love <3
This is great! I keep getting questions about SEO for SPAs from developers on my platform, now I know where to send them to. So easy!
@paulo_arruda Wow please do! We'd love to hear what your customers like and dislike about our platform! We are working to make things as easy as possible for any developer to get started
Awesome - keeping the SPA ball rolling! Congrats gents.
@adamdaw Woohoo! SPAs FTW (a lot of acronyms here). Thanks for the support Adam!