Are you a maker looking to understand how much you need to spend on Facebook Ads to turn a profit? You can find out in seconds using this FREE FB Ads Budget Calculator from Jeffalytics and Data Driven.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Very useful for marketers
Would you ever expand and do a youtube ads calculator?
@jaketital Great idea - I will create one later this year and put it on here!
This could be useful, but how do you account for the natural decrease in ROAS that happens as you scale up spend? Aren't you assuming here that the conversion metrics will hold steady as you scale spend? Bc that's almost never the case in practice.
@danpantelo In the calculator you download (big red button), I account for this degradation of performance as you scale. It just wasn't something I could build into the interactive calculator on the site because of a few limitations with the technology I chose.
Great idea! Will try it for my projects
Hey Makers! I hope you enjoy this handy calculator I've put together. Let me know if you have any questions about how to turn a profit with your Facebook ads or share your strategies here! Facebook Ads continues to be the most dominant advertising platforms for reaching and engaging new audiences. But tapping into Facebook's billions of users comes at a cost. And as a business owner, you probably want to know how much you stand to gain before you invest in advertising on Facebook. The calculator I am sharing with you will help you answer that question. You can plug your business numbers into this calculator, and find out: 1) How many clicks, lead or sales your budget can produce 2) What targets you need to hit to generate a positive ROI 3) And how much you'll need to spend to get the outcomes you want from advertising on Facebook For over a decade, this calculator has helped businesses of all sizes (from Fortune 500s to soloprenuers) bring clarity to thier advertising game plan. And I hope it helps you too. At the very least, I guarantee it will provide you with an answer to one question... "How much should I spend on Facebook Ads?"