Cypto currencies protecting privacy and fighting censorship

Faythe is a cryptocurrency project aimed at defending against censorship and protecting privacy. The tokens of Faythe which are FYE and TTP are in Pre-ICO mode now and available on the Faythe.io website, along with the Roadmap, White Paper and other important, relevant details.

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Disclosure: i have about a nice dinner's worth of financial stake in Faythe. To me, they're all that and a bag of chips! :) i'm not an affiliate or owner or manager or employee of Faythe. I just want to make sure the project is properly posted in relevant places like here on ProductHunt.

this project is potentially huge, due to the high number of people living under increased censorship and privacy violations. this could be massive.


Protects Privacy. Fights Censorship. Pre-ICO. Great entry-point value.


needs more adoption.