Fast Poll allows anyone to create a stunning, instant, real-time poll. Creating a poll takes less than 60 seconds and allows you to gather live realtime feedback from a select group or the world.

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Hey Product Hunt! A big thank you to @de for hunting Fast Poll! Sooo a little about the project - 🤔Why I created it: Working remotely in a team of 20+ I've recently wanted to post a question or an idea and get feedback from the team. I've found some sites that did just that but they was either missing some functionality, required signup or the general UX I wasn't really a fan of. So I got started. 🚀 ⏰How long did it take: I was aiming at 30 days to launch the MVP it took me around 45 days in total to get to the current MVP this is outside of my 9-5 job working evenings and weekends. 👨‍💻Features worth mentioning: Private or public polls - You have this option when creating a poll. Private is where it won't be shown on the site and won't be indexed by search engines (ideal for my use case where I just want feedback from a select group of people I share the url with). Public polls will be show in the public polls section of the site, the users profile and will be indexed by search engines. Realtime voting - No need to refresh the page to see votes cast. User profiles - Grab your username and have a home for all your polls like Dashboard - A place for you to have an overview of your private and public polls. 🚀Future updates to come: More control and visibility of your polls from an improved dashboard (I wanted to do this for launch but also wanted/needed to stick to an MVP initially). Comments on polls so a user (if they wish) can explain their voting choice. Possible team accounts to lock down polls to a single group of invited users. Improved stats, showing busy polls, votes cast with possible weekly roundup emails. If you have any questions please do ask I would love to answer them and any and all feedback would be much appreciated!
@jamiepeak No problem, Jamie! I love the simplicity of this, one thing I think that would make it even better would be the option to have an 'other' option with space for people to add their own answer in a text field. Same for categories, allowing me to create a custom one would be ace! Other than that, it's perfect!
@de Thanks Dan, love the idea of being able to add your own answer if the correct one isn't specified and same for categories! Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated! 🙌
@jamiepeak @de Would love to have this as well! :-) Thanks Jamie. It's exactly what I was looking for!
Congrats on your launch Jamie ... QQ - are the polls easily embeddable ?
@taxodapp Second this! I've been looking for an embeddable poll tool for ages. Extra bonus if you implement it with the (easily implementable) OEmbed standard, so it is readable by any application and tools like embedly and iframely.
@taxodapp @robertvhoesel thanks for the feedback guys! Unfortunately you can't embed a poll right now but it is definitely on the roadmap. I'll be sure to bump this up the list as I completely agree allowing polls to be embeddable would be a huge win. 🙌
@taxodapp @robertvhoesel @jamiepeak this was my first thought when I saw the title! Please make them embeddable!
@taxodapp @robertvhoesel @jamiepeak @anna_0x Any update? Cn I embed polls yet?
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@harrisroberts Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I'm afraid not at the moment. I've been super busy with my 9-5 so I'm struggling to releasing new features for now. Very soon I'll be able to dedicate more time to Fast Poll and look at embeddable polls. I'll be sure to keep you posted.
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I think options should be slightly smaller. Too big now.



Well designed.

No membership required.


Limited types of categories.

No multiple selection.

Thanks so much for the review Kemal! Dynamic categories and multiple selection on a poll and 100% on the roadmap. 🙂
@jamiepeak: more real life examples of polls would be great on the homepage. Or maybe a /hall-of-fame? So we can see the potential and be inspired :)
@tchret I 100% agree, my plan is to have some polls on the homepage. I really like the thought of a hall of fame concept on the homepage though showing some popular polls that could apply to a wide audience. 🤔 I really appreciate the feedback Thomas!
Very useful, great work.. As you've said there are tools out there but not for quick/small surveys... I'm sure I will use at some point
@loomiassistant thanks, really glad you like it and will find it useful! 🙌