Faros (previously PadPiper)

Find furnished apartments and housemates for 1+ months

Faros is the marketplace for furnished housing and compatible housemates. Faros enables people to browse furnished rentals, find housemates with similar interests and lifestyles, choose beds, and split deposit and rent payments.

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Hello Hunters of Products, First of all, MAJOR thanks to @shanndfox for hunting us :) PadPiper helps students and recent grads find short-term housing for internships, while also providing landlords with a steady stream of verified student tenants. Listings are meant for the student situation, as they are short-term (3-12 months), furnished, and often times have been hosting students on internships for years. Landlords can benefit from a higher profit over annual leasing, without spending too much time finding suitable tenants. Here’s how it works: -- Landlords create an account through PadPiper, add a listing, and start attracting student interest at no cost -- Students can request to rent a space after confirming their school email address -- Message through PadPiper to accept booking requests and communicate with tenants We’re a group of engineering grads from the University of Waterloo (eh?). We are passionate about helping students find housing because we had plenty of house hunting headaches during internships. Can't wait to hear your thoughts, Jack P.S. Konami Code enthusiasts can have some fun on the home page
@thenameisforbes @shanndfox Love the idea guys. Jumped through a lot of hoops trying to get into NYU housing late one summer; there's certainly a market here
@gavid_dold I've heard NY is brutal from a few people now! We will be targeting NY with our marketing efforts to landlords in the coming months :)
@thenameisforbes Keep me in the loop. Happy to spread the love to my friends still doing summer internships/ in need of housing. Typically, students will look to NYU housing which will cost ~$1400-1600/month and consists of two twin beds in the same room. Not getting any bang for your buck.
@gavid_dold Well that sounds very familiar to the housing here in San Francisco, haha. Definitely a great place for PadPiper to try to help out!
@thenameisforbes @shanndfox whoever named this must've been watching HBO's Silicon Valley.
Congrats on the launch, guys! @zlwaterfield @thenameisforbes This problem really resonates – I remember how tough it was to navigate a new city and negotiate shorter term leases with landlords while on a limited budget. That said, I have a few more questions and some feedback: Besides the short-term focus, what are your competitive advantages over other vetted rental platforms like Casalova? Are these listings only on PadPiper, or can students find them on other sites? I also noticed each listing has different lease terms. It might be helpful to pull out these terms on the preview thumbnail.
@shanndfox Very good questions! Our listings are curated to students, so even though sites like Casalova have shorter term leases, PadPiper listings are typically furnished, don't need to be toured beforehand, and have been hosting interns for years. We also provide a variety of features, specifically for students. Once signed in as a student, you can: - Easily check directions to your work, right on the listing results page - View the work locations of fellow students by checking out Connect, where you can find a community of students in the same city - Message fellow students working near you to find roommates While most listings are also on Craigslist, and some on Airbnb, students prefer to look on PadPiper, where the results are curated for them. Landlords like that we verify student emails, so they can trust that the messages they receive are legitimate. The same goes for students, since we verify listings and landlords if students say they have lived there before :) I appreciate the suggestion, too! Pulling out the lease terms into a preview is in our Asana tasks :D
Our students at Lighthouse Labs (a Toronto web/iOS bootcamp) might be an incredible use case for this! Our students are always looking for housing for 2-3 months. This would be a really awesome tool for them to easily take care of that without it being an extra hassle for us. Super excited to see this grow, and more than happy to promote. I just submitted a request to add Lighthouse Labs as a school, and as we've just been accredited as a Private Career College in the Government of Ontario (and also BC) could be a lot of fun!
@izzydoesizzy That's great to hear! Our team will be discussing lowering the minimum months to rent from 3 down to 1, and allowing landlords to specify a minimum that they would like. This way we would be able to support those 2 month stints. I will also talk to you directly about verifying Lighthouse Labs students :)
Hey guys! I love the concept! A few questions though... Are you planning to expand to other cities? Any timeline on this? Seems like this could be applicable in almost any city. Also, do the housing arrangements line up with internship periods and schools' semesters? Excited to see where this goes!
@maplethorpej Very good questions! We absolutely are planning on expanding to other cities. Since our Beta launch last Fall, we have been able to double the number of listings on the site, and we have much farther to go. As one may assume, getting ahold of landlords is the hardest part. We are exploring new strategies to do this on a larger scale and are excited to more rapidly grow our listing count. Listings will line up differently with school semesters, depending on the length of the school terms, but the goal is to have housing options that support any school and internship schedule :)
Loving the use of Konami Code on the site. Beautiful design! Love the product too!
@johnsteerfowler Thank you! I was undecided on mentioning Konami because obviously easter eggs are better when discovered naturally :) That being said there are still quite a few more...
@thenameisforbes Will keep my eyes open :P