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Find furnished apartments and housemates for 1+ months

Faros is the marketplace for furnished housing and compatible housemates. Faros enables people to browse furnished rentals, find housemates with similar interests and lifestyles, choose beds, and split deposit and rent payments.
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Thanks @katmanalac for hunting PadPiper! It feels great to be back, and we’re excited to share some huge updates to PadPiper. This past year, we realized one of the biggest problems with any rental marketplace, including PadPiper, was that finding housemates to live with was a nightmare. Renters end up finding a place they love on one platform and then switch to another platform to search for housemates, hoping they have the same budget, desired location, and lifestyle. The PadPiper Housemate Finder directly integrates with our rental search so renters can see housemates who are also interested in the same listings for the same length of stay. Renters can view details about potential housemates, vote people into their group, claim beds, and request to rent the space together. We do all the hard work — like automatically splitting the rent based on room size and quality — so no one feels like they got cheated and everyone can happily move in together. Beyond the Housemate Finder, we opened up PadPiper to support everyone who needs furnished rentals, not just interns. We’ve added more verification processes to make sure renters feel safe while searching on PadPiper, as well as the ability to pay deposits and monthly rent online. At PadPiper, we want to make moving more accessible by providing renters everything they need to find their home and feel at home once they get there. We couldn’t have made it this far without feedback, so please hit us up with any comments or questions!
@thenameisforbes Congrats on the launch guys! 🎉🤘 Curious to hear the thought process behind why you decided to remove the focus away from interns?
@chrisbuttenham Great question! Lots of people were asking us if they could use PadPiper for all these other scenarios like being med students on rotations, business consultants on longer projects, traveling nurses, founders in a startup accelerator, digital nomads, etc. We realized our own use case of struggling to move to San Francisco after graduation, too. All these were valid problems that we wanted to solve for.
@thenameisforbes Awesome!! I could definitely see myself using PadPiper for business travel. Last question: do you think the needs of all these use-cases will be fairly consistent? How will you be able to provide an excellent experience if you're not focused on one group?
@chrisbuttenham That is great to hear! We do think these will be fairly consistent use-cases since they all involve 1-12 month stays in furnished rentals, at an affordable price, with the need to find people to live with in most scenarios, and without the ability to tour the space in person beforehand. Our focus goes even further with showing people how long their commute will be to work since most use-cases involve commuting. Providing an excellent experience is our number one goal so we're working hard to achieve that for all use cases :)
It feels like I can just move in with my tootbrush and clothes. Definitely saves renters a lot of hassle when you can find a place with utilities installed and meals prepared 😱😍👍
@noniypurnama Our thoughts exactly! We spent too many internships buying and renting furniture that we made it a requirement to have everything you need to start living at a PadPiper home :)
Congratulations on the launch Jack! This is just so perfect for my needs. I look forward to using this to book my next trip in Bay Area this month.
@kanchankumar Thanks, Kanchan! That's great to hear.
Looks great!! Congrats on the launch -
@bouazizalex Thanks Alex! It's exciting to be spreading the word after so many months of heads-down work :)
This is awesome! What would you say has been your biggest struggle so far?
@gobbz Like any other marketplace, the chicken-egg scenario is tough, especially in conjunction with target cities. We tend to build up supply (houses) in a city, and then find renters who are moving there. The tough part is the latter — it's difficult to know where renters are moving from exactly, so marketing to them is challenging. HOWEVER, we're super fortunate to have grown via word-of-mouth, so we hope as we grow, this marketing challenge will become much easier. :)
@gobbz @courtney_sabo have you tried ads that target parents of soon to be grads?
@gobbz @noniypurnama That is a great idea that we have not tried yet!