Next-gen travel meta search engine to find best travel deals

We compare all the top travel sites in one simple search and help you to find the best flights and hotels. Our verified 1000s of online travel agencies and airlines helps you to cover worldwide travel needs. We cover both domestic and international market to find the hottest deals, even last minute flights

  • Pros: 

    Cheaper deals compared to any other apps in this segment

    -A huge number of deals

    -Syncing of history across devices


    -Searching time is little more or equal compared to the competitions(hope that they will come up with progressive search)

    Yet another app for flight booking. This app can give tough competition for other apps like Skyscanner, ixigo, Kayak etc with cheaper deals. The design is good and the app is easy to use one.

    Diana Martin has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Faster search result, well designed and refined search results.


    price drop alter is missing.

    This app helped me save time and money while booking rooms and flights. Love for this:)

    NawAf AbDul has used this product for one year.
Nice one. Best alternative to Skyscanner and Kayak. Prices are average same when i compare with Skyscanner. In some US destinations Farefirst doing a good job. Downloaded the android application.
@jaseel_sk Yes man. It’s best alternatives for those leading travel meta search. Loved the Android app.
@jaseel_sk I have checked the prices here and Skyscanner. Almost same but it have some different agencies which Skyscanner not belongs.
@jaseel_sk Best compitative app for skyscanner and kayak. You are right, they have done a big playstore population in a few time. That'll
@jaseel_sk @roy_paul1 I think wego belongs to the same category as you said
@jaseel_sk Actually this application doing the same thing as kayak and momondo. Am a frequent traveler and used almost all travel related apps, I felt as the prices quoted here is little less than kayak. But not still sure what about other destinations. I have checked only US destination and that only i needed now.
Farefirst - Really it’s a best alternative for travel meta search engines. I have checked their Android app and website. Mobile app looks pretty awesome and have lot of user features such as Offer section, Flight tracking and many more I found on it. Bookmarking for my next journey.
Easy to use and listed many travel site which includes middle East ones. And also inbuilt flight tracking option is there. Must have application for travelers.
Looks nice and better to reserve flights and hotels. But I have some suggestions for you guys to improve it by progressive search results and little improvements in the price calender. These are the best have things for a traveler like me. My first step before purchasing a ticket is to check the price calender for flexible prices. Other all looks great. Waiting for more changes. Happy Holidays
Easy to use and best price showing. Is all agencies listed are reliable?. Because I haven’t seen before some of the agencies that you listed. Can you ensure me that all trusted, the agency am looking for is Kissandfly, what about this one?. I can’t find that one on skyscanner or kayak.
@nadeer_n_panoor Not only kissandfly, Also found some more there. Let us wait for their reply is those agencies validating or not