Fantasy Life

Matthew Berry's fantasy football community app

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Appreciate being featured. When I was writing the book, I wanted to focus on the one thing that I thought was missing from a lot of fantasy writing - that Fantasy Football isn't just a game, but it's a lifestyle. A community. All encompassing. When Mark and Charlie approached me about doing an app, we agreed on continuing that theme and that's what I love. Yes, you can totally get advice from this app. But also meet friends, talk fantasy, post polls, memes, meet other FF enthusiasts. We love that so many leagues have formed of people that just met on the app. The SPIRIT of fantasy is alive in the app - it's truly a social community around fantasy football - the first of it's kind and we are all really proud of that. Thanks for checking it out.
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@matthewberrytmr This is awesome. We are incorporating a similar tone into Boom Fantasy, but I think the industry is long overdue for something like this app.
Thanks for hunting us! We've been huge fans of PH for awhile now. We created this product w/ Matthew Berry because we wanted a social Fantasy Football community that truly talked back. There are hundreds of ways to get "expert" FF content on the internet but none of it feels truly personal. Each league consists of about 10-12 players (mostly your friends or family) so it's hard to ask and get advice. We tried to create a "haven" for FF players. We think we have one of the best mobile communities in the world. If you are interested in the community building aspect please read this short piece on why/how we did it: If you guys have any other questions we would love to answer them. We have a lot of future stuff that we want to work on, specifically related to UI/UX. Thanks FL Team
Thanks for hunting everyone! Charlie did a great job giving a description of Fantasy Life. I'd give him a "prop" if posted in Fantasy Life. Another big aspect is the range of type of FL user you can be. We have verified users that are the experts (@joshkelleytime) who give advice in the public posts and forums/chats, diehards who create dozens of polls throughout the week and search for players every minute looking for that edge on Sundays (@vikeme4), or the lighthearted but equally as passionate user who sets the humor tone in the community with hilarious memes (@taco). Anyway, you can tell I love this community. I hope you do too!