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Interesting move for Fandango. So much competition for streaming services, I can't imagine why I'd use this. 😁
@gabriel__lewis Only reason to use this is because you want Comcast to have even more control.
@gabriel__lewis rebranding of M-Go as FandangoNow is just the 1st step for them. I think they may bring out some interesting bundles that would make it compelling. Let's see if they can execute 🤔
Even if you live in the US it's not clear what it offers over Netflix and Amazon Prime. How is Fandango Now better than either service?
@kay0stheory I'm seeing episodes of shows the day after they air. That's much quicker than Netflix
@mrfrowntown ok then what makes this better than Hulu?
Unavailable in Spain, hmmmm
@fandango offers up a big F-You to @Netflix
Website is not working though
@axelk Depends from your GEO! :(
@axelk Apparently only in US now!
@rubenvivanti Can you tell me the countries in which it will be available in near future ?
@annonymous I have no idea, i just checked with a proxy and it worked only in US.