Analyze NFL and MLB player data

Fanalyze is a fantasy sports analysis platform that reduces the time needed to do player research and analysis so fans can spend more time playing. We use Search to get NFL and MLB player data quickly and compare players instantly.

  • AK2= A.KarriemA.K
    AK2= A.KarriemA.KGrand Negas Latinum Fund

    Fast, clean , easy to grock, visual infographics generated on the fly making A/B & apple's to apple's Comparison.


    Needs sn login & 30 daytrial.

    I want ifferent league scoring Methodology

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  • Duane Wilson✌️
    Duane Wilson✌️Product : Design & Development

    Fast, Clear, Saves TONS of time... Winning 🏆💯


    Needs more... more!!!! ok, Basketball would be good IMHO ⛹️‍♂️

    Dare I say, but this might be the replacement for that Yahoo company that used to be... 🏈🏀⚾️🦄

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Juan Juan
Juan JuanMaker@jjuan01
Hi Product Hunt, We launched Fanalyze to quickly analyze fantasy sports data for NFL and MLB. We developed a few apps and learned the fastest way to get to data is by using Search. We used the same concept to compare players. You can search two or more players to get a side-by-side comparison. Our goal is to make it easier and faster to save users time. We plan to add other top professional sports data in the near future and we are currently developing our iOS and Android apps. Key Features - Customize the data in the comparison table - Import teams from Yahoo, ESPN and NFL - Compare 2+ players - Exclusive data for NFL and MLB - Graphs to view player trends - Player related tweets You can tryout our product without a login by searching NFL or MLB players. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to answering any questions you may have.
Carolyn Peer
Carolyn Peer@carolynpeer · CEO
You all did see the court ruling on the legalization of sports betting, right? FANALYZE is going to be even more important now! Check it out!
Juan Juan
Juan JuanMaker@jjuan01
@carolynpeer that's right! The ruling will benefit sports and fantasy sports. We're preparing to be in the space as the states begin to legalizing sports betting.
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️HunterPro@helloduane · Product : Design & Development
Hey @jjuan01 This is a really cool product. I've been excited to watch it grow and evolve. Can you compare more than 2 players?
Juan Juan
Juan JuanMaker@jjuan01
@helloduane thank you and really appreciate your support! You can definitely compare more than 2 players. Here's an example -
Paul ArrozCaldo Guirao
Paul ArrozCaldo Guirao@pguirao · Software Developer
I have been waiting for a product like this! Metrics for fantasy sports!!! This is much better than reading someones opinion.
Juan Juan
Juan JuanMaker@jjuan01
@pguirao thanks! We plan to add other fantasy sports data. You can customize the data that you want to see to make your analysis more efficient.
Mike Espejo
Mike Espejo@mike_espejo
Awesome product and timed well with approval of sports betting!