Travel app that makes dating safer and more fun.

Fairytrail is a travel app that makes dating safer and more fun. Match with someone, then match on destinations to safely meet on group adventures. Designed for digital nomads, travelers, and world citizens.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
We made this product to make dating more efficient, safer, and more fun. Designed for people who are location independent and passionate about travel. Our mission is to help people explore the world with someone they like! Life is short, so we don’t think it should be wasted doing the ordinary. Nothing is better than being on a journey with someone you love. Make life and dating special and memorable. Life holds amazing possibilities. Choose experiences that make you feel alive. We're here to help you discover those through new people and world exploration. Read why we made it here: https://stories.fairytrail.app/2...
Fairytrail is a unique idea. I travel quite a bit, and have always wondered if there was an app that combined dating with travel. I've used Fairytrail and really like the simple UX. Good job George and team!
@dhruv_bhatia thank you for your support! We are so glad you find it valuable.
It's about time a dating app cares about the dating experience ❤️
I've been using this app for a couple weeks and so far i've had a lot of success. It's awesome to talk to people that are just as adventurous as I am. I think it could lead to me finding someone I can travel the world with, which shouldn't be to hard with the high population of Digital Nomads on the app! Excited to see the app continue it's success.
Fairytrail is a the best dating app for digital nomads! Great job, @taige_zhang and the team!