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Sourcify’s Factory Confirm tool lets users analyze suppliers in real time on Alibaba. A majority of Alibaba suppliers are middlemen, and Factory Confirm now lets you easily figure out which suppliers are legit.


  • Aaron OrendorffContent Strategist, iconiContent

    Trust-worthy source and easy to use



    There are VERY few people and organizations I trust in overseas manufacturing. Sourcify and Nathan are two I constantly turn to. This is a phenomenal tool from an incredibly trust-worth source!

    Aaron Orendorff has used this product for one day.
  • Brandon ChristopherVP, Customer Experience @ Boomr

    removes the guessing and games



    This is everything for a conoany looking to have products manufactured and not all of the connections overseas to verify. 1 million upvotes from me!

    Brandon Christopher has used this product for one month.


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Nathan ResnickMaker@naterez94 · CEO @ Sourcify
Hey Everyone! We’re super excited to launch our Factory Confirm tool for Chrome. Finding trustworthy suppliers for dropshipping or private label products is extremely time consuming and at the end of the day you may still end up with a bad manufacturing partner. We created Factory Confirm to help ecommerce entrepreneurs save time sourcing products by using our own internal data to grade Alibaba suppliers. The extension is super fast and weighs a multitude of different factors to provide an accurate grade such as response time, third party assessments, number of employees, and we’re adding new data points daily. We hope you find the tool useful, if you have any feedback please let us know! Cheers, Nathan P.S. If you leave a comment, I’ll personally send you our Sourcify list of top ten factories :)
Thomas Burgess@ninjinka · Creator of Material Design Palette Deck
@naterez94 I'll take the list!
Jason Quey@jdquey · I help entrepreneurs connect w/experts
@naterez94 @ninjinka I'll take the list and build a competitor... if I weren't busy building another tool ;)
Arjun Aravindan@arjun_aravindan · Chief Operating Officer, Lithios
@naterez94 I'll take the list!
Vivek Raghunathan@nkrvivek · Co-founder, Togg
@naterez94 list please!
Don VC@concordio · Market Analyst
@naterez94 list for me too please!
Bertug Korucu@bertugkorucu
Have been using it for 3 days now. It definitely gives pretty solid analysis on company evaluation and saves lots of time on this process. Seems like it’s going to be one of my every-day tools.
Nathan ResnickMaker@naterez94 · CEO @ Sourcify
@bertugkorucu Thanks for your feedback man!
Kevin Natanzon@kevinnatanzon · Founder, Beta Labs
Can't wait to test it out. Everything coming from the Sourcify team has proven to provide high value! Congrats on the launch @naterez94!
Nathan ResnickMaker@naterez94 · CEO @ Sourcify
@kevinnatanzon Thank you my man!
Ahmad Iqbal@ahmad_iqbal · Building Ecommerce Applications
This is definitely needed in our industry. Thank you to whoever built this!
Nathan ResnickMaker@naterez94 · CEO @ Sourcify
Clark Chambers@clarkchambers · SalesDevs.com
Hi @naterez94 Congratulations to your team. I think I read that payments are handled via your platform as well?
Nathan ResnickMaker@naterez94 · CEO @ Sourcify
@clarkchambers We're finishing that up in a sprint very soon. The long term goal is to be able to float the balance of production for some companies where we'd pay the factories for them and then invoice them with a little interest. This way they don't have to struggle with their cash flow, often paying 100% for production upfront.
Clark Chambers@clarkchambers · SalesDevs.com
@naterez94 I'm mostly interested in the accountability (and transparency) it would bring and not so much having a float. Looks promising!
Nathan ResnickMaker@naterez94 · CEO @ Sourcify
@clarkchambers Right on, we've got that covered!