Another Ask.fm clone but with the face recognition feature

After several sleepless nights of making this, I'm glad to put it out here.

Facepass is basically an Ask.fm like service but with facial recognition capabilities which means you can simply point your camera at your friend's face, scan their face, confirm his/her identity and post/read comments on his/her wall.

We're working on Android port already.

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Hey @haashirmohammed & @iamwaseem99, This is fun! What made you want to create this?
@jacqvon Thanks! Some time back, we wanted to have an app that would tell about a person just from his or her face and let us message somebody straight away without having to deal with friend requests or any other formalities. This is something that we see in movies too. It didn't start with the desire to make an anonymous social media though. The initial days of development were very rough. We didn't have a lot of resources to learn and the APIs weren't identifying the people with accuracy. Somehow we managed to pull this off almost one year after we got this idea.
Great job!! Can you make a walkthrough video of it !! Seems difficult to understand it usefulness and working ? 😊
@ayush_chandra Hey! Thanks a lot. We're already working on an Android and the video tutorials/ads for the app. Will update you and this product listing once they are ready.