Facemoji Kit

Facial expressions tracking & avatars for your app

Facemoji Kit provides an accurate 3D head pose in world space, 51 facial expressions and a dense 3D mesh of a person’s face. Blend shapes/morph targets are then used to animate a 2D/3D character in ways that follow the user’s facial expressions in real-time.
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Facemoji Kit is the technology we've built in-house from scratch that is powering our Facemoji app, and now also runs in Squad 🎥 and OneWord 👾 We're now living in a time of social distancing 🦠 Video is virtually the only way to stay in touch, and I think this vacuum creates a massive window of opportunity in the social space for something new. We think Facemoj Kit will inspire developers to build exciting, new social apps that let users express themselves more comfortably—or their alter ego👩‍🎤👨‍🎤—in fun, new ways with privacy. If you're interested in using Facemoji Kit, feel free to DM or join us on Gitter 👋
We were lucky beta tester #1 at Squad and are big fans of what the Facemoji team have built. Congrats guys for making this available for more teams! 💯
If only I could reply here with my Facemoji. 🤔😄
@rrhoover @chrismessina perhaps someone will build something like that, got plenty of DMs already 🤓
Amazing work. Hopefully Google will open the Pixel 4 API and Pixel 4 XL to be able to do things like this
@lordsuricato Thank you 🙏 I think our biggest value-add is the content because even if you have awesome tracking, in what form are you going to render it? Our Kit provides access to 3D accessories, models, textures, and shading assets to render Facemoji avatars in your app for your users. There are over 1,000 items, including hair styles, hats, sunglasses, face masks, animated accessories or even face tattoos 😅
@robinraszka You're right, also it can already be done on Android in general with ARCore. The most important thing is the content and you have an incredible collection. Thank you so much for sharing it
This looks cool! how does it differ from Apple’s Animoji?
@dustin_peterson Quite a lot (technically) but specifically with Animoji it boils down to: (a) Animoji, as the name suggests, are one-size-fits-all animal avatars you can't personalized (b) Animoji works only with iPhone X or newer (depth camera).