Facebook Sound Collection

Sound effects to spice up your videos


The Sound Collection gives you access to thousands of high-quality audio tracks and sound effects from all over the world to spice up your videos. These sounds are owned by Facebook, and are free and clear to use in any videos you create and share on Facebook and Instagram

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Xiaoyin Qu
Colin Kiama
  • Colin Kiama
    Colin KiamaComputer Science Undergrad

    These sounds would be absolutely perfect for product trailers/tutorial videos or trim the song to get a sound effect out of it. 😉


    Can only be used freely in Facebook and Instagram videos and you can't skip to a specific section of a track. Have to hear all of it on site

    There are even vocal tracks. VOCAL TRACKS! I really appreciate that you can filter out songs that have vocals too. Makes finding a suitable song way easier

    Colin Kiama has used this product for one day.