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Nick Georgiou reviewedFacebook PortalSmart, hands-free calling, with Alexa built in
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Good for hands-free communication.


Inferior to a mobile which you can just take anywhere.

Here are my 4 biggest issues with Facebook Portal. This gets ranty, I'm sorry. I like to see a big company trying new things but I don't think this is the right vision for the future.

1. Trust

Do people trust Facebook enough with their data to want to put Facebook's camera and microphone in their home? I don't think so.

2. Proprietary platforms

Aren't we sick of proprietary platforms? What happened to standards? You can't call anyone who isn't on Facebook or Messenger. Plus, you're tied down to Alexa. That doesn't seem very user-friendly. Remember when it was a big deal that IE had a massive market share and was installed into Windows? At least you could download other browsers.

3. Lack of mobility

You need to be in a room to call someone? Seems a bit '90s. A phone lets you go anywhere and call people wherever you are.

4. Form factor

Facebook wants you to add a whole new immobile screen when you already have a massive TV in your living room.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I certainly won't be buying a Facebook Portal, but I'll be observing with bated breath to see the reception of the public.

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1. Trust You make a good point. Obviously facebook is not releasing this out out of the goodness of there hearts or to solely to improve peoples life, they want to sell ads eventually, that's there business model. So I'm guessing they may have a plan to secretly record video and audio to sell relevant ads or something. Or even a scariest thought, to allow government agencies to access the camera. It's the classic foot in the door technique - when this is used widely and part of peoples homes, they are more likely accept larger requests, e.g. seeing relevant ads etc. 2. Proprietary platforms Your right and does not meet there business model of selling ads. If it were open source, you probably see all sort of tracking software integrated. 3. Lack of mobility Maybe this is designed for hermits or the elderly? Since most people are at work or outdoors doing stuff, not sitting around being recorded. Maybe they should change the target market, this would be perfect for security (watching your home if abroad), checking the kids, live video courses (e.g. like yoga classes, chefs etc - if facebook portal has group functionality) or even paid webcam girls! 😉 Had idea of using this for Facebook "big brother" online TV Show, I can put these facebook portals in all my rooms and you pay to watch me wash, eat, sleep and watch TV, any takers? Joking obviously. 😃 4. Form factor Yeah, you have a laptop, TV, mobile, tablet, now you want extra facebook portal? So many screens! Would of made more sense if they released this as some sort of dongle or attachment for your current TV or laptop, bit like Chromecast. But again, that would probably never happen, since they want to use there own proprietary camera technology to eventually record your every movement. Conclusion I certainly won't be buying a Facebook Portal, but like you, I'll be observing with bated breath to see the reception of the public.