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#5 Product of the WeekJanuary 30, 2014
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Facebook is shutting down its Paper newsreading app on July 29th http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/3...
I'm curious to see watch this unfold. I expect a high quality product, but it also seems like an amalgamation of a bunch of things that are already out there (Circa, Flipboard, Storify, etc. etc.). And, I often think (probably true of many of you here, too) that "I'm not the audience." I wonder how many of Facebook's 1.2B+ users are going to "get it" ...and then how many of them are going to actually return to it to "use it." On the positive-side, it's a mobile-first product for Facebook in an area that they certainly seem to want to grow and learn. // Overall, I'm just really curious to see what happens with it. Thoughts?
It looks beautiful but I just don't see the type of content in my feed that would make this look like what I see in the video
+1 @mutlu82. My guess is that this layout makes it easier for Facebook to incorporate trending and suggested content more naturally into the experience. The "Trending" sidebar now never gets my attention on desktop Facebook. Also, tilt-to-navigate-large-photos?
Looks promising, I'm excited. However, like @mutlu82 said, I don't think any of the content on my newsfeed would really work well with this platform. I can see it working well if it goes after trending topics/news stories similar to a Pulse/Circa/Flipboard.