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There have been a few third party Facebook messenger clients built for the Mac and Chrome (Goofy, Chat Heads, Faces). It's interesting to see Facebook continue to split functionality out of its proper apps/website. I wonder if we'll see a Facebook Photos apps for the web soon. Here's what my Messenger looks like right now:
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@rrhoover Ryan how did you get this screenshot? I am not seeing where I can sign up for Facebook for the web yet.
@rrhoover @rubencodes The screenshot appears to be on chrome, but the Get it button brings me to their website, where I can only download it on iPhone/iPad/Android. *scratches head*
@rrhoover @rubencodes @cattrestini This seems to be connected to the browser's language default. Messenger currently only works if your browser language is set to English.
@rrhoover @rubencodes @davidbauer Yep also it was down for a little yesterday but it's back up now, so my problem is fixed on my end. Hope it's working for you too now, Ruben.
Combine this with Fluid (http://www.producthunt.com/l/d63...) and you got yourself a pretty nice Mac app.
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@gregbarbosa Haha, we really were thinking alike!
@gregbarbosa Was my first thought too, but Fluid's early & proprietary Desktop Notifications don't seem to work with Messenger
@gregbarbosa this is actually pretty sweet!
@gregbarbosa @msch This is something I just realized. Mainly the fact that they can't enable the Desktop Notifications from within Settings.
@gregbarbosa I wish to see a fully native app though. :(
This should definitely get a dedicated Mac app
That's interesting What's the goal/strategy behind this? - Cheaper support for "odd devices" - Create an email like habit? - Have more space for upcoming interaction apps? (as in groups replace newsfeed)
@andreasklinger This is Facebook going deeper on making Messenger a true platform. Line and WeChat are existential threats, and Facebook needs to get ahead of them in the west.
@andreasklinger The other one that's huge and not a lot of people are talking about is spinning groups off into its own app as well: http://www.producthunt.com/posts... Then they slapped a 'sell' button on that too. This is a space I'm super interested in, to the extent I've started to prototype ecommerce tools targetting these platforms.
@andreasklinger I've been following the behaviour of popular selling groups for the past year and can see a trend in individuals doing there best to bypass "extortionate" fees such as ebays. Facebook could do some real damage to eBay with the right strategy. I'm looking forwards to seeing what you build Anton!
Is this only for U.S. ? In France the website shows buttons to download the app on iOS / Android / Windows Phone instead of the login form. Here's what I have btw : http://cl.dvce.net/image/1s26241...
@snapeuh Same here in Canada :(
@snapeuh I'm here in the US and for some reason I also get that