Facebook Marketplace


Buy and sell with your local community. A Craigslist killer.


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Facebook's been experimenting with this for a while. Some Facebook users have reported seeing the Marketplace button on the bottom row of the app for months. Smart move by Facebook. Craigslist is somewhat ubiquitous despite how awful it is. Facebook is uniquely positioned to (finally) dismantle the long-time peer-to-peer marketplace.
I dunno. I really feel the less I know about a person I'm purchasing from, the better.
Candice Kilpatrick
I thought the ad was going to show the neighbor searching the marketplace for a baby gift. Instead it was all selfish, where is my Hallmark moment?
Parwinder Bhagat
@parwinder · Global Technical Lead, JWT
Facebook has been pushing Marketplace for quite a while now. They should have done this early on considering all the garage sale groups that are on there. Even though a bit late to the game, it can be a good competitor to likes of Letgo and OfferUp
Kevin Gauthier
@kvgauthier · Head of Design @ Smooch.io
Smart of Facebook to try to capture that local market audience. People have been wanting but struggling to do this on their platform. Facebook here has the network and infrastructure in place to dramatically change and simplify the way local business is being done. Hopefully this isn't an afterthought and they keep building on it.